Twitter – what has it ever done for us?

Consider this…

Many will decry the rise of social media as a blight on society and human interaction. But maybe it’s not all as bad as you think…

The following scene was recently filmed in a UK ED for a fly-on-the-wall documentary. With more than a nod to the Monty Python team….


In a rather dark meeting room the ED staff are meeting. There is an air of dispondancy. The Clinical Lead is chairing the meeting, flanked by the ED Matron. The room is full of tired looking doctors and nurses

CLINICAL LEAD: It’s taken everything from us. From our families, our friends. Who cares whether Stephen Fry has been shopping or Kim Kardashian has been to the toilet? This nonsense has got to stop. I mean, what has Twitter ever done for us?


ED DOC 1: Education?


ED DOC 1: Education?

CLINICAL LEAD: Oh yeah. I suppose we have learnt some new things.

ED MATRON: That discussion about the TTM trial did make us think and we changed our therapeutic hypothermia protocol

CLINICAL LEAD: Ok, I’ll grant you that. Education. That goes without saying.

ED DOC 2: And links with colleagues around the world

CLINICAL LEAD: Obviously. I mean links with colleagues around the world – that’s obvious. But apart from education and links around the world……

ED NURSE (interrupting): Sharing good practice?

CLINICAL LEAD: OK Fair enough.

ED DOC 3 (joining in enthusiastically): And we can have direct access to experts and authors of landmark papers.

The room is getting into this now and everyone wants to have a say.

ED DOC 4: And without it we never would have organised that trip to the hospital to Fiji

ED MATRON (smiling and nodding in agreement): It was fun, wasn’t it?

Everyone in the room smiles and chuckles.

CLINICAL LEAD (exasperated now): Fine. But apart from education, links around the world, sharing good practice, direct access to eminent authors and that trip to Fiji, what has Twitter ever done for us?

ED NURSE 2: Made us happier and more engaged?

CLINICAL LEAD (angry now): Happier and engaged? Oh shut up…..

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