The Turban Technique – A Scalp Bandage that Stays!


Turban Technique-2

Here’s a quick and easy technique for bandaging a scalp – where the bandage stays where you want it to.

Sometimes a scalp bandage might be helpful to protect sutures or wound closure (particularly for elderly patients or children) – but simply wrapping bandages around the head is ineffective as the bandage quickly slides off.

With permission from the trust’s media department (and consent from the healthcare professionals featured), Priya, Jose and Marcin demonstrate how to use a 2-inch and a 6-inch bandage to create a turban-style scalp bandage which doesn’t slide off the patient’s head. This technique does not apply direct pressure to the wound itself and so is of limited use when there is still active bleeding.

Check out the 4min video below to find out how.

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