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Medical School Lesson Plan Library

Click here for a guide on how to use the St Emlyn’s Lesson Plans and some of the educational theory behind them. A podcast explaining the background to the project and how you might use

Lesson Plan – Cellulitis

References and Further Reading 1, Helen Yasmin Sultan. Cellulitis. RCEM Learning. Published online 20th October 2017. (accessed 17th September 2020). 2, Rob Orman. Cellulitis. ERCast. Published online 29th January 2018. (accessed 15th September 2020) DermNetNZ

JC: ISARIC. Possibly The Best COVID-19 Risk Prediction Tool To Date

Has your department been relying on clinical gestalt to risk stratify patients, perhaps using something you heard or read about in a short paper (perhaps Twitter), maybe something like post-exertional oxygenation has caught your eye,

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