#StEmlynsLIVE Salim Rezaie

St Emlyn’s LIVE & the Teaching CoOp course: Announcing Salim Rezaie.

#StEmlynsLIVE Salim Rezaie

We are delighted to announce two more confirmed speakers for the #StEmlynsLIVE conference. As we hope you know already, this is the first time that we are hosting a LIVE conference in Manchester and it’s going to be great. There is no other 1-day resuscitation based conference with such a great line up of some of the best speakers from around the world.

The St Emlyn’s team will be there (of course) but we are joined by friends from across the planet. You already know that we have Clare Richmond from Sydney HEMS coming along together with Natalie May (who is still down-under) as keynote speakers who will be talking on clinical excellence in emergency care and lessons learned from working with one of the most highly respected and clinically excellent resuscitation services in the world.

Today we are delighted to announce that Salim Rezaie will also be joining the team. Salim is one of the most highly visible and effective medical educators in the #FOAMed world. He is an attending in Emergency Medicine from Texas and has been a great friend and supporter of St Emlyn’s from the cvery early days. He’s also happens to one of the nicest guys in medical education you could ever hope to meet. s He has headlined conferences across the world and has a reputation for delivering great talks that are entertaining, informative and practice changing. If you want to know more about Salim and his work then please head over to the R.E.B.E.L.E.M site for more info. Salim will be tackling how we move beyond standard, algorithmic resuscitation techniques to patient focused and cutting edge interventions in the resus room.

You can still buy tickets via the Teaching CoOp website here, and we still have discounted tickets for trainees, nurses, paramedics and students. We’ve tried to keep costs down as much as we can, and believe that we are offering an international conference for a fraction of the usual price.

The bottom line is that we would love to see you all at #StEmlynsLIVE in Manchester on the 9th October. #FOAMed has always been about the people and we want to meet, share, and learn together in a great city, with great speakers and with great delegates.

You can book tickets right here for #StEmlynsLIVE.

Oh, and whilst you’re here don’t forget that you can also get tickets for the Teaching CoOp three day course on medical education here. Salim is also teaching on the Teaching CoOp course. He has amazing presentation and education skills and is one of the core faculty for the Teaching CoOp. This is a unique opportunity to learn with him and other amazing medical educators straight after the LIVE conference. If you want to know more vist the blog, or hear our micro summary from last year’s course in Copenhagen (before we knew we were bring the course to Manchester).

You can book tickets right here for the Teaching CoOp course.




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