SmaccDUB preview post SmaccRUN with St.Emlyn’s

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Excitement builds in anticipation of the conference of the year. Today we are setting up the workshops ready for tomorrow, but there was still time for a 5k run in the ferociously hot Dublin weather (18C).

After cooling down we managed to do a mini-podcast to capture the preconference atmosphere. The quality is not that amazing, but we hope it enthuses you for the next few days, whether you are here, or if you are following along on social media.

We will endevour to get more podcasts out this week on what’s happening and who’s doing what. That’s if we can find time between the incredibly busy academic and social programs.

Tomorrow is a busy day and then we have the St.Emlyn’s team talking on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thankfully we have Thursday off, which will be super after the gala dinner.



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