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It was an absolute delight to hear Roy Lilley at the recent RCEM Manchester conference. In Virchester he is a bit of a ‘legend’ as  he’s followed by many of us here in the department. Why do we follow him? Because he is clearly a huge supporter of the core principles of the NHS, yet he is not wedded to the past. Far from it in fact, to us he embodies the principles of the NHS wrapped up with a drive to keep it developing, functional and relevant to the modern health care world.

The main messages to me were that patients fall between gaps in health care provision and this is something we are all too aware of in the ED as wen they fall between the gaps, the safety net is often us. He also talked about the insanity of donut based patient centred care. Too many slides and presentations where a picture of a patient is surrounded by a doughnut of care which does not deliver what is intended. His thesis appears to be that health care starts with services and tries to fit it to patients, whereas it should start with patients and fit services to them. He clearly hates the doughnut slide peddlers and I have some sympathy with that. Perhaps a better analogy should be a stadium, with the patients in the stands surrounding the players (health care) on the pitch. I’m not sure that works, but the fact that I’m thinking about it is testament to the talk.

This was one of the funniest and most insightful presentations I’ve been to in many years. In this video Roy tells us his main themes, but in all honesty you need to hear him live. Surrey, Champagne, Patios, Prosecco, Gardens, Junctions, standing ovations, backsides and (elderly) fallers. If you were there, you’ll know what I mean 😉 .


If you want to hear more from Roy I’d strongly recommend you follow him on twitter (@RoyLilley) and also look to submit to the Academy of NHS Fabulous Stuff. The academy is a great idea to share good practice and to celebrate innovation. If you’ve got an idea you should submit it (Ed – how about an EM blog and podcast to support trainees and promote UK EM you might ask?).

If you are interested in health service management (you should be) then read and follow the NHS managers network too where Roy regularly contributes. It’s essential reading for all NHS EM clinicians to build a wider picture of health care organisation and reform.

Next week I am talking on Medutainment at EuSEM and after watching Roy I just wonder if I might be able to generate a standing ovation (if you were there you’ll know what I mean – he has all the top tricks you know).




Just for Roy 😉

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