Research Priorities in Emergency Medicine: We need your help. St.Emlyn’s

123help-us-set-research-priorities-for-uk-emergency-medicineHopefully you already know about the James Lind Alliance 1–4. We’ve spoken about it on the blog before, but in brief the Royal College of Emergency Medicine is working with the JLA to set the most important research priorities in emergency medicine. The process has been running since the middle of last year and after a lot of work led by Professor Jason Smith and Richard Morley we are down to the last 60 questions.

We need your help in prioritising the final questions.


We need professionals and the public to follow this link to a survey that will finalise a list of questions that will then go through to a final round in January where the top 10 research priorities will be set.JLA flyer for download

We need everyone to help complete the survey, both patients and professionals.


Download this flyer and share in your department. Show it to friends, family, patients, professionals and get everyone involved.


Past processes have shown that if the JLA recommends a research priority then it significantly increases the likelihood of getting the projects funded. In other words this really matters and could shape UK EM research for the next decade.

So please. Have a look and complete the survey today.




On behalf of the JLA steering group.

Before you go…

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