Probe – A Celebration of #FOAMus at #smaccDUB

probeEd – here at St.Emlyn’s is a we want you to be a the best clinician you can be and that’s why we discuss a range of subjects around EM, evidence, tacit knowedlge and meta-cognition.We’re proud of what we do, but we’re also keen to celebrate what we do and to share our love of what we do. So today a quick post from Natalie on ultrasound, SMACC, Foamaoke and music……Preview

Yes... It's a wig
Yes… It’s a wig



If you are a part of the FOAM community you will have noticed the incredible wealth of resources dedicated to helping you become better at point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), collated under the FOAMus hashtag.

You might also know I’m a fan of karaoke and am a bit of a geek about writing medical parody songs (see my earlier works here).

After Casey Parker’s rousing singalong version of Imagine closed SonoWars at #smaccUS I put together some lyrics for another song about ultrasound, celebrating the incredible contributions of people like Matt & Mike at Ultrasound Podcast, Jacob Avila at 5 Minute Sono, and Max & JF at Echo-Guided Life Support (EGLS) (all of whom deserve special thanks for the role their videos have played). I’ll admit, this went a little further than I had originally intended.

So, without further ado, I give you – Probe: a celebration of #FOAMus, from the opening of SonoWars at smaccDUB. Grab a cup of tea, take five minutes and learn about the applications of ultrasound in emergency medicine and critical care. If only making music videos would make me half as good at ultrasound as these guys are…

Huge thanks to Aidan Baron, Grace Leo and Natalie Silvey for their amazing dance moves and filmed contributions. I’m hoping the airway management tribute, “Cric of My Life” featuring Jeremy Faust, won’t be too far behind…




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