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The BIG questions in EM. Part 2 – Technology. St.Emlyn’s

When we think of the future it’s easy to leap to advances in technology as the main driver for change. However, as we have seen in part 1 there are other factors that will drive

Be a Better Learner – Part One at #TTCNYC15

When I saw this section on the TTC programme I was immediately intrigued. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a great team leader, a great doctor or a great teacher

JC: Duel of the Rules: Which decision rule for head injury in children?

Ladies and Gentlemen! The assessment and investigation of paediatric head injury is a case study in clinical risk management. Similar to chest pain in grown up medicine, it’s a frequent presentation, with a rare but


EM Zen. Thinking about Thinking.

The Philosophy of Emergency Medicine. St.Emlyn’s has always had an interest in metacognition, thinking about thinking and many of our posts link to thought experiments on how we practice medicine. If you want to see

JC: Trends in CT/MRI for Atraumatic Headache in the US

Last Friday (30th November) we looked at the paper below in both the physical and virtual journal clubs of St Emlyn’s:   It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see how this could