London Emergency Medicine trainees conference part 2. #FOAM

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I had a fantastic day in London last week. I met/saw/heard some amazing people and bumped into the Southern UK EM Twitteratti…. (hope I’ve not missed anyone – let me know if I have). It would have been great to spend more time with you all but I had to shoot back to Virchester for a very important birthday party.

My contributions today were two-fold. Firstly a talk on #FOAM as the future of medical education, relying heavily – almost exclusively on past contributions from Mike Cadogan, Andy Neill, Damian Roland and Nat May who have all explained this better in the past. This talk is really standing on the shoulders of past Giants who can explain it far better than I ever could.

Almost everything I say is gleaned, adapted and adopted from others. I’ve also used a couple of examples and again these have been taken from public documents (the c-section case) or from widely known examples from #FOAM. I could use so many different examples (much better ones that have affected me and my patients directly) of where social media has changed practice in the ED to the benefit of patients – but not without breaching confidentiality. The Obs case (which was our dept. but not when I was on shift) is the only one in the public media so that’s why it was chosen. I will never know for sure if the post made a difference but I like to think (and have been told) that it did.

The two Tim’s are Prof. Tim Coates and Prof. Tim Harris – both awesome chaps who speak so well about being both EM clinicians and academics.

So, I hope you enjoy this. I’ve tried to be a bit cheeky and a little controversial to get the debate going and to gain interest amongst both the converted and the cynics out there. I’d not planned on a recording in advance, but just let the iPhone run on the stage.  In the spirit of FOAMed let’s share the talk here.

NB. It is quite awful listening to myself back on the audio, and I there are a couple of minor errors in here, the number of blogs in UK is wrong – that’s the number worldwide, pt numbers, Joe Lex’s role in Vietnam etc…… minor stuff, but forgive me the occasional lapse when speaking as it’s a high pressure talk standing in front of this kind of informed and able audience.

Most importantly I always feel like we can never thank those that have inspired and supported St.Emlyn’s enough- (in particular go listen to Mike’s talk from ICEM 2012 as it’s better to see where we get our ideas from).




Also – listen to the talk from SMACC 2013 where many of the leaders of FOAM (& St.Emlyn’s) get together and debate the pros and cons learning in a social web facilitated way. It’s available on the GMEP website (and seems to play better in Safari as opposed to Firefox browsers for me).





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Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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