Do your bit for Africa, review for AfJEM

Ed – A request from our friends in the African Journal of Emergency Medicine. A worthwhile  cause and an opportunity to help emergency clinicians in developing nations develop their academic potential. Stevan’s message below, and to add to that I think they are also looking for experienced writers/researchers to help not just in reviewing, but also in the preparation of academic work. So, get in touch with Stevan and do something worthwhile for our African friends. Simon C
……..take it away Stevan…….
The editors of the African Journal of Emergency Medicine (AfJEM) are inviting bona fide reviewers to become reviewers for AfJEM and do their bit for the emerging economies of Africa from the comfort of their desk.  The requirement is that prospective reviewers must have reviewed for a Medline-listed journal in the last twelve months.  Please contact the editor directly to show your interest ([email protected]) or for more information about AfJEM visit our website on
Simon Carley

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