CODA Zero episodes now open access.

I’m not sure whether you have noticed, but the first two episodes of the CODA Zero program are now live on their website.

If you did not already know, the CODA project is designed to engage the #FOAMed communities across the globe to tackle big questions in healthcare.

The first conference was due to take place in Melbourne back in September, but as with all international conferences, COVID 19 put a stop to that. There are still plans to deliver a face to face conference, but in the interim the team have put together a series of online events based around the four themes above.

The first two of these are now open access.

Episode 1 tackled sepsis on a global scale with particular reference to COVID 19. It’s really interesting to see and hear a global perspective on sepsis, particularly for those of us living in high income countries who will realise that there is a huge amount that we can learn from LMICs in the management of infectious disease. The session is led by Simon Finfer and includes contributions from an international group of sepsis researchers and clinicians.

Episode 2 is a really thought provoking and challenging session on equality with a focus on gender equality. Gender equality is something that we are working hard to achieve in our work, but there are still issues that need addressing. What I like about this episode is that it is not simply about describing the problems of gender equality, because quite frankly I don’t think we need more evidence to demonstrate that it exists, but rather there are lots of ideas about why it happens and more importantly what we can do about it.

In the final conversation the panel proposes some powerful advice for our community action:

• Speak up / don’t be a bystander: Become an activist
• Human rights start at home: Educate our children
• Read literature from authors with diverse experiences / cultures: We need insights into these lived experiences
• Have tough conversations – Discussions not debates

Look out for Episode 3 on education (which I was fortunate enough to take part in) and Episode 4 on Climate which should be out soon.

In the interim, find some time to sit down and listen to these great sessions. They will undoubtedly challenge your preconceptions and make you think.

We will let you know when the next episodes go live, but in the interim make sure that you visit the website at , follow them on twitter at and insta

For now, here’s a ‘starter for 10’ from the Education session.



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