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Mr Ross Fisher MBChB MPhil MSc FRCS RCPS (Paediatric Surgery) is section lead (presentation skills) and editorial board member on the St Emlyn's blog and podcast. He is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield. He is chairman of the Paediatric Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARNlet). He is an internationally acclaimed presentation expert and founder p cubed presentations, His research interests include Paediatric, Neonatal, and Oncological Surgery and Paediatric Trauma Management. You can find him on twitter as @ffolliet

Breaking down tribalism

Breaking down tribalism. #onetribeEMTA St Emlyn’s

This is the basic script that supported my presentation, “Breaking Down Tribalism”.  I recently presented this at EMTA2018, the Emergency Medicine Trainees Association conference in Cardiff. It is a privilege to be allowed to be

Foreskins: A PED primer. St.Emlyn’s

Following on from the first post in Paediatric Surgery 101 we come to the tricky topic of foreskins. Management of foreskins is best summed up by the phrase shouted by many a parent at their

I think my child has a hernia: St.Emlyn’s.

It’s 3am on the back end of one of those horrible casino shifts in the Paediatric Emergency Medicine Department. Triage says there’s a mum in the cubicle with a 4 month old. He’s snotty and

Things that scare me: Ross Fisher at #smaccDUB and St.Emlyn’s

  This blog post explains the background to my talk in Dublin at the SMACC conference. This talk, entitled ‘Things that scare me’ is a waypoint on a journey that I’ve personally experienced. I believe

Ross Fisher on p-cubed (p3) presentations

    Click here for (Ed – don’t forget to subscribe) In Medicine we all like to believe our practice is evidence based, effectual and evolves with time and feedback. In the light of

Paediatric Trauma is no place for a Paediatric Surgeon. Ross Fisher joins St.Emlyn’s

Ross Fisher, consultant paediatric surgeon from Sheffield UK explains why paediatric surgeons may not be best placed to lead paediatric trauma teams.

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