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Chapter 10 – Prescribing CPSA Station

Introduction Many students seem incredibly worried about this part of the exam and subsequently large numbers seem to struggle to pass this section. I guess this isn’t hugely surprising as its the one task that

Reflections on 2021 from St Emlyn’s

We asked each of the St Emlyn’s team for their reflections on 2021. We hope you have enjoyed the blog and podcast his year. Thank you, as ever, for all your support. With all best

Big Shock…..Do we ❤ POCUS?

‘Red Standby 4 mins’ tannoys the nurse in charge. ‘It’s a 70yr old male BP 68/49, pulse 120, GCS 14/15, O2 sats 98% on 15L NRB, temperature 37.5°C’ you are reliably informed by a colleague.


MLA Revision Guide – Forward

Forward Iain Beardsell – Revision Guide Editor In 2020 we published our guide to preparing for the Fellowship of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) examination. After publishing the FRCEM Revision Guide, we decided to edit and amend


Chapter 1 – The Applied Knowledge Test (MCQ/SBA)

Overview of the AKT/MCQ The Applied Knowedge Test will be centrally set for all UK medical schools with a common format, test standard, delivery process and policy framework. It seems highly likely that these will

The new Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) for UK medical students and a bespoke St Emlyn’s Undergraduate Curriculum

The new Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) for UK medical students and a bespoke St Emlyn’s Undergraduate Curriculum

Introduction It may come as a surprise to many of our colleagues outside the UK (and our patients) that the UK has never had a nationwide examination for final year medical students before they qualify


Chapter 2: The FRCEM OSCE

Overview of the FRCEM OSCE November 2021 will be the first sitting of the FRCEM Final OSCE following the switch to the RCEM 2021 curriculum. The table in the next section gives a blueprint of


FRCEM Revision Guide

Forward Preparation for my FRCEM SAQ and OSCE was a fairly long process of information gathering in order to develop a set of notes to work from for the SAQ, and scripts for the OSCE


Chapter 1 – The FRCEM Single Best Answer (SBA)

Overview of the SBA We are officially out with the old; the SAQ, and in with the new! The first sitting of the SBA took place on the 28th September 2021. Anything listed in the


RCEM Curriculum 2021

Following a review by the General Medical Council the curriculum for training in Emergency Medicine is due to change in 2021. Below are the links to all of our St Emlyn’s content and it’s place