Thoughts and wishes for #GreaterManchester.


Our thoughts are with everyone affected; patients, families, staff, relatives and the people of Manchester.

This is not a time for Social Media. There is far more important work to do in the real world.

Just this from our CD, to everyone, every department, every hospital and every service involved.

On behalf of everyone here, thanks for your support.



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4 thoughts on “Thoughts and wishes for #GreaterManchester.”

  1. Dr mohamed jibril

    All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected and with our colleagues in Manchester, thank you and god bless you

    1. Feeling so sad and sorry about events in Manchester, where I trained and still have friends. At least I know, having done ED at Hope hospital amongst other attachments, that those injured will be having the best of care. Thoughts, love and sympathy to all.

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