SMACC 2013

It seems like everyone is talking about the SMACC conference in Sydney next year, so it’s time that St.Emlyn’s joined the party.

Next March (11-13th) SMACC represents a coming together of emergency medicine, critical care and social media in one of the most fabulous cities in the world. There are some fabulous speakers attending from around the world with a strong emphasis on blurring the boundaries between the specialities and continents in pursuit of the best possible care for our patients. There are so many great people attending from the US, Australia and the rest of the world that it really is going to be a major event in 2013. Don’t believe me? Then check out the Intensive care networkLife in the Fast Lane or EMCRIT to learn more and to hear it from the great and the good.

St.Emlyn’s will be sending a team from Virchester to enter the SimWars competition and to share what we can to our colleagues around the world.


What I really like about the conference is the way in which you can participate and engage with the program even if  you cannot be physically present! Check the website for details, but even if you cannot make it (and I hope you can) you can always take part through the web, blogs and twitter.

There are just a few days left to get your abstract in, so leave those Christmas decorations and get something down and submitted!

It’s going to be great.


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