SMACC 2013: A roadmap for #FOAM at St.Emlyn’s


This is the panel discussion from smacc 2013 with a great group of FOAMites (and me). The panel discuss where FOAM is, where it’s going and how it might fit in to the future of Medical Education.

Really worth a listen. I’m unusually quiet which is great, listen to the others, they are much wiser 😉

SMACC: Panel Discussion on FOAM/Social Media – Building a Road Map from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.


Cite this article as: Simon Carley, "SMACC 2013: A roadmap for #FOAM at St.Emlyn’s," in St.Emlyn's, August 21, 2013,

Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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