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Here we collate the list of papers appraised at the Virchester Journal Club each year. Links will take you to the relevant blog post. Over the year we scan many journals to ensure that our team keeps up to date with all that is current in Emergency Medicine.

 DateJournal Paper Journal Club review
 Jan 2014NEJMPretreatment with prasugrel in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromesACCOAST-ed
Jan 2014NICENICE head injury guidelinesJC: Updated NICE Head Injury Guidelines – Worth a Scan?
Feb 2014 LANCET Reduction of adverse effects from IV acetylcysteine treatment for paracetamol poisoning: a randomised controlled trialShould we halve the time of acetylcysteine infusions for Paracetamol OD? St.Emlyn’s
 March 2014 NEJM A randomised trial of protocol based care for early septic shock Is Early Goal Directed Therapy dead? St.Emlyn’s
 March 2014 JAMA Mortality related to severe sepsis and septic shock among critically ill patients in Australia and New Zealand 2000-2012 What has an awesome NNT of 5.8 for severe sepsis? St.Emlyn’s
 March 2014ResuscitationResuscitation highlights of 2013 Parts 1 and 2 Rapid update on the resus pearls of 2013. St.Emlyn’s
 March 2014Eur J Emer MedRotational thrombolelastometry produces potentially clinical useful results within 10 min in bleeding emergency department patients: the DEUCE study0ROTEM for ED coagulopathy detection. St.Emlyn’s
 Apr 2014 EMJ The accuracy of existing prehospital triage tools for injured children in England: an analysis of department data. Paediatric Major Trauma Triage
 Apr 2014 Ann Emerg Med Comparison of PECARN, CATCH, and CHALICE Rules for Children With Minor Head Injury: A Prospective Cohort Study Duel of the Rules: Which decision rule for head injury in children?
 May 2014 Am J Emerg Med
 An ED scribe program is able to improve throughput time and patient satisfaction Scribes in the ED
 May 2014 Ann Surg 
 Saline versus Plasma-Lyte A in initial resuscitation of trauma patients: a randomized trial.
 Plasma-lyte or Saline in Trauma? St. Emlyn’s
 May 2014 Crit Care Med
 Clinical outcomes, predictors, and prevalence of anterior pituitary disorders following traumatic brain injury: a systematic review.
 Anterior pituitary disorder following head injury. St.Emlyn’s
 May 2014 Heart
 The Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) decision rule for suspected cardiac chest pain: derivation and external validation
 The MACS Rule: Immediate ‘rule in’ and ‘rule out’ for suspected cardiac chest pain
 May 2014 J Acute Care and Trauma Surgery Do all patients benefit from tranexamic acid?
 JC: Tranexamic acid – does the evidence stack up?
 June 2014 Ophthalmology Ocular Blast Injuries in Mass-Casualty Incidents: The Marathon Bombing in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas. JC Ocular trauma in blast injuries
 June 2014 Circulation Waveform analysis-guided treatment versus a standard shock first protocol for the treatment of out of hospital cardiac arrest presenting in ventricular fibrillation: results of an international randomized controlled trial.JC: Does wave form analysis improve outcome in VF arrest? St.Emlyn’s
 June 2014 Mayo Clinic Proceedings
 A decade of reversal: an analysis of 146 contradicted medical practices.
 JC: A decade of reversal: an analysis of 146 contradicted medical practices.
 July 2014Injury
Massive transfusion in paediatric and adolescent trauma patients: Incidence, patient profile, and outcomes prior to a massive transfusion protocol
 JC: Paediatric massive transfusion. St.Emlyn’s
 July 2014Lancet
Point-of-care ultrasonography in patients admitted with respiratory symptoms: a single-blind, randomised controlled trial
 JC: POCUS for the breathless patient. St.Emlyn’s
 August 2014InjuryA simple tool to identify elderly patients with a surgically important acute subdural haematoma.
 JC: When a subdural needs surgery in the elderly. St. Emlyn’s
 August 2014Cochrane
Advanced training in trauma life support for ambulance crews
 JC: Is there any point teaching paramedics? St.Emlyn’s
Sept 2014Pediatr Emerg Care. 2014

Impact of follow-up calls from the pediatric emergency department on return visits within 72 hours: a randomized controlled trial.

 JC – Just Checking: Do Follow-Up Phone Calls Reduce Reattendance to PED?

 Oct 2014

USS for Nephrolithiasis

JC: Should USS be first investigation for renal colic? St.Emlyn’s

 November 2014
Intensive Care Medicine

Impact of intra-arrest hypothermia in cardiac arrest. An RCT

JC: Getting Chilly Quickly 3. Hypothermia at St.Emlyn’s

 Dec 2014 NEJM MR CLEAN Study

JC: Intra-arterial treatment for Stroke

 Dec 2014EurJEMergMed  Chest pain: if it hurts a lot is it a heart attack?

 JC: Is severe chest pain more likely to be a heart attack?

 Nov 2014 Lancet

Mechanical versus manual chest compression for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (PARAMEDIC): a pragmatic, cluster randomised controlled trial

 JC: PARAMEDIC trial m-CPR at St.Emlyn’s
 Dec 2014 NEJM A Randomized Trial of Intraarterial Treatment for Acute
Ischemic Stroke

JC: Intra-arterial treatment for Stroke

 Dec 2014 Acad Emerg Med A randomized controlled trial of the effects of a brief intervention to increase chlamydia and gonorrhea testing uptake among young adult female emergency department patients. JC: STI’s at Christmas. St.Emlyn’s
 Dec 2014 NEJM Very Early Administration of Progesterone for Acute Traumatic Brain Injury JC: Progesterone’s pleiotropic failure in head injury. St.Emlyn’s

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