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B28. Wolff Parkinson White Type A

The ECG was recorded from a 59 year old man admitted for routine surgery. ECG. Rhythm: Sinus rhythm is present throughout. Morphology. The PR interval is short (0.12 seconds). There is a delta wave present


B27. Wolff Parkinson White (WPW) Syndrome Type B

The ECG was recorded from a 23 year old man with a history of palpitations since childhood ECG. Rhythm: Sinus rhythm is present throughout. Morphology: the PR interval is abnormally short at .10 seconds. Total


Case B21. Ventricular Premature Beats

The EGG was recorded from a 46 year old woman who was aware of irregular heart beats and “thumps” in the chest. ECG. Rhythm: The basic rhythm is sinus wiith P waves preceding narrow complex

JC: Should we rapidly cardiovert AF in the ED? St Emlyn’s

If I develop AF then I reckon I’d be able to spot it pretty quick, and I’d get myself down to ED pronto so that I could get myself cardioverted having read the excellent work

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