SMACC Dublin workshop – Relevance, Quantity and Quality

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There is a really important step in producing evidence based summaries which is not often discussed. This is the part of the process that takes place between the development of a 3PQ and the final inclusion criteria.

As you move from search to critical appraisal, data extraction and translation there is a process where you will have to choose which papers to include and why. In this short video I will take you through the three elements of this process so that you can defend and explain the rationale for including and excluding papers.

The three elements are

  1. Relevance -Does this paper answer the 3PQ?
  2. Quantity – Is this a manageable number of papers?
  3. Quality – How do we really assess quality
    • Study design
    • Critical Appraisal
    • Objective scoring/ranking systems.

Use this information to reach the Goldilocks moment of EBM…., the ‘right’ number of papers.






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