Manchester EMERGING (Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Research Group) is based at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust. The group is led by Rick Body.


Our track record
We have a track record for producing high quality research going back for almost two decades.  Our particular areas of expertise are in diagnostics and clinical decision making.  Notable outputs include the CHALICE rule for children’s head injury, which forms the basis for the current NICE guideline; our research into early rule out strategies for cardiac chest pain, which has yielded high impact publications from the dawn of the troponin era to the present era of high sensitivity troponins.

We have a particular desire to produce clinically relevant, pragmatic research that can positively impact upon patient care in the ED.  Our group has had notable successes in this area for over many years, yielding high impact publications in the Lancet and BMJ.

In addition to our interest in cardiac research, we have been working on venous thromboembolism for many years.  Dr. Kerstin Hogg’s outputs were notable in this area, and as she left for a prestigious fellowship in Ottawa, her great work was continued by another prodigy, Dr. Dan Horner.
Our track record for recruitment
We are one of the leading centres for patient recruitment in Emergency Medicine in the UK.  Our academic studies have included the MIOPED study for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, which included 408 patients recruited exclusively at our centre over 12 months; the EVaMACS study for cardiac chest pain, which included a total of 804 patients in just over 12 months (again exclusively at our centre); the ACT trial for deep venous thromboembolism, which has included over 300 patients within 1 year; and the CHALICE study, which included over 22,000 patients from multiple centres.

We also have an excellent track record for recruiting to multicentre studies.  CMFT was a top recruiting site nationally for the 3CPO trial, the PROMISE trial, SEPTIFAST, TRAPID-AMI, an evaluation of a novel point of care blood beta-HCG test, the PREFER-VTE trial, the CAMEO trial, Meningitis UK and many more.  We welcome approaches from parties that are interested in recruiting at CMFT.

EMERGING Physicians

Member Post Publications
Dr Rick Body Consultant in Emergency Medicine, CMFT. Honorary Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science, UoM Rick on PubMed
Prof Simon Carley Consultant in Emergency Medicine, CMFT. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Manchester Metropolitan University Simon on PubMed
Prof Kevin Mackway-Jones Consultant in Emergency Medicine, CMFT. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Manchester Metropolitan University. Medical Director, North West Ambulance Service Kevin on PubMed
Dr Dan Horner Research Registrar, North West EM training program Dan on PubMed
Dr Dougal Atkinson Consultant in Intensive Care and anesthesia Medicine, CMFT Dougal on PubMed
Dr Bernard Foex Consultant in Intensive Care and  Emergency Medicine, CMFT Bernard on PubMed
Dr John Butler Consultant in Intensive Care and  Emergency Medicine, CMFT John on PubMed
Dr Jane Eddleston Clinical Director, Critical Care, CMFT Jane on PubMed

We are also lucky to be supported by a superb team of research nurses, without whom none of our research would be possible…

Clinical Research Nurses

Member Post
Alison Jefferies Senior Clinical Research Nurse
Elaine Coughlan Senior Clinical Research Nurse
Andrew Brown Clinical Research Nurse
Richard Clark Clinical Research Nurse
Katharine Wylie Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
Tracy Field Research Administrator

Our research team covers the Adult Emergency Department and Critical Care Unit from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 6pm on Fridays, with an on-call service for weekends.  We have an excellent collaboration with the Manchester NIHR/Wellcome Clinical Research Facility, which can provide overnight research nursing cover for certain trials as well as outstanding facilities for meetings, follow up reviews and focus groups.  We also have great support from the Medicines for Children Research Network, which provides research nursing cover for the Paediatric Emergency Department.

Our Research

We specialise in the delivery of pragmatic, late phase clinical trials.  Our academic work is largely focused around diagnostics and clinical decision making but we also have special research interests in the treatment of venous thromboembolism and novel approaches to easing patient suffering in the Emergency Department.  Our portfolio of research is constantly growing.  Here’s a snapshot of our recent activity:

  • The Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) trial: A pilot randomised controlled trial of the MACS decision rule for suspected cardiac chest pain.  In this trial patients may avoid unnecessary hospital admission following a single blood test at the time of arrival in the ED.  Chief Investigator: Rick Body
  • The Haemorrhagic Allevation with Tranexamic acid – Intestinal Tract (HALT-IT) trial: A randomised controlled trial comparing tranexamic acid to placebo for acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  Principal Investigator: Simon Carley
  • The Novel Biomarkers of Acute Coronary Syndromes with Metabolomics study: A cohort study evaluating novel biomarkers for the early diagnosis of ACS.  Recruitment is complete and analysis is ongoing.  Chief Investigator: Rick Body
  • The TRAPID-AMI study, evaluating serial troponin testing for the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.  Recruitment is complete and analysis ongoing.  First results anticipated September 2014.  Chief Investigator: Christian Mueller; UK Principal Investigator: Rick Body
  • The ProMISe trial comparing protocolised early goal directed therapy to standard treatment for patients with septic shock.  Principal Investigator: John Butler
  •  The RELAX-2-AHF trial evaluating serrelaxin for the treatment of acute decompensated heart failure.  Principal Investigator: Rick Body
  • The FREE study evaluating the experiences of relatives in Critical Care.  Principal Investigator: Alison Jefferies
  • The Meningitis North West cohort study, which is designed to evaluate the epidemiology of viral meningitis.  Principal Investigator: David McKee
  • Enceph UK, a multicentre cohort study designed to evaluate the epidemiology of encephalitis.  Principal Investigator: Craig Ferguson
  • UK-CHIMES, the paediatric arm of Enceph UK, which is open at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.  Principal Investigator: Rachel Jenner
  • The PAINTED study (sleeping), which aims to derive a novel triage algorithm for patients with suspected pandemic influenza.  Principal Investigator: Rick Body
  • The ZORO trial evaluating various combinations of IV zanamavir and PO oseltamavir for severe seasonal influenza in critical care.  Principal Investigator: Dougal Atkinson
  • The ART-123 trial evaluating recombinant soluble thrombomodulin for patients with severe sepsis and DIC.  UK Principal Investigator: Jane Eddleston
  • The BREATHE trial evaluating weaning protocols for ventilated patients in Critical Care.  Principal Investigator: Mike Sharman
  • The LEOPARDS trial evaluating levosimendan for patients with severe sepsis in Critical Care.  Principal Investigator: Danny Conway
  • The EURODEM study evaluating the epidemiology of dyspnoea in the Emergency Department.  UK Principal Investigator: Rick Body
  • The BEST study, evaluating point of care troponin testing in the ED.  Chief Investigator: Rick Body
  • The CRASH-3 trial evaluating tranexamic acid for intracranial haemorrhage.  Principal Investigator: Rick Body
  • The PREFER-VTE study evaluating the epidemiology of venous thromboembolism.  Principal Investigator: Rick Body

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