Lesson Plan – Chest Xray Interpretation

Picture the scene…

You are in majors seeing an obese 75yr old man who is acutely short of breath.  He was a miner, keeps parrots, smokes 20 / day, has prostate cancer, and was recently immobile due to a sprained ankle. 

You go to review his portable CXR  Majors is brightly-lit, someone is shouting loudly in the adjacent bay and the PACS monitor is covered in fingerprints and pen marks….

Learning Objective

To learn about Chest Xray interpretation including an anatomy refresher for CXR interpretation and how to use a systematic approach to detect and diagnose CXR abnormalities.

RCEM Curriculum

CAP 6 (Breathlessness)

CAP7 (Chest Pain)

Task 1 – Read

Task 2 – Read

Task 3 – Discuss

Task 4 – Summary

Task 5 – Reflect

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Lesson plan written by Dr Lisa Shannon (Consultant Radiologist, Barnsley Hospital). Twitter: @docshannon

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