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Laura Howard. MBChB, MRCEM is an Editorial Board Member on the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. She is an emergency physician trainee and clinical and doctoral (PhD) fellow in Emergency Medicine Manchester Metropolitan University. She co-founded the ED Spa Project (@edspa_mcr). She was the RCEM Young Investigator of the Year 2016. Her reseach interests include emergency medicine, wellbeing, compassionate care, triage. She is regularly invited to speak on the topic of well-being. Her PhD is on triage (funded by the Manchester Triage Group) and she is a member of the Wellbeing Committee at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. You can find her on twitter as @laurahoward10

JC: Should we use calcium in out of hospital cardiac arrest? St Emlyn’s

A trial published in JAMA asks exactly this question, the full text can be found here. The abstract is below, but as we always say, please read the full paper yourself. Previous studies have shown

JC: Haloperidol for Headaches. St Emlyn’s

Lone acute severe headaches are a common and sometimes complex presentation to all Emergency Departments. There are obviously life threatening causes of a headache that we rule out with judicious history taking and examination. The

JC: How events in emergency medicine impact doctors psychological well-being. St Emlyn’s

Ed – This blog by Laura Howard is based on her excellent work on the impact of events on emergency care clinicians. We hope that you read this alongside the other blogs and podcasts​1​ the

The ED Spa. Wellness and Support in #Virchester. St.Emlyn’s.

The ‘ED Spa’ is designed to be a safe space within an Emergency Department, a place that is completely non-clinical and separate from the coffee room. A place where any member of staff can go

Triage: The sorting hat of Emergency medicine, but what are we really seeking? St.Emlyn’s.

The word “Triage” comes from French roots, the origin word “trier” meaning “to sort”.1 This is a process vital to emergency medicine. The idea was born on the battlefields by Baron Dominique Jean Larrey2, a chief

JC: Are we getting cosy on the septic SOFA? St.Emlyn’s

  Identifying, treating and prognosticating patients who attend the Emergency Department with infective symptoms, is part of the bread and butter of an emergency physician’s practice. It’s important that we identify patients that will develop

JC: Reversal of DOACs with Andexanet Alfa. St.Emlyn’s

123We are in a new age of anticoagulation, Warfarin is becoming a drug of the past. To the benefit of our patients we are no longer dragging them into hospital once a week to check

JC: Should we glue cannulas to patients? St.Emlyn’s

Use of glue cyanoacrylate to secure peripheral intravenous cannula. St.Emlyn’s. randomised controlled trial critical appraisal.