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Dr John McDermott BSc, PGCert, MRes, MBChB, MRCP (London), is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Genomic Medicine and a Clinical Genetics Trainee at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. He has a research interest in the application of genomic data in the acute and critical care setting, specifically focusing on the application of pharmacogenetics (PGx) to improve outcomes. You can find him on Twitter as @John_H_McD.

Genetic Testing in The Acute Setting – It’s About Time. St Emlyn’s

The year is 2030. Another busy shift at St. Emlyn’s and you’re asked about your plan for the patient in cubicle 4. You scan your list. The patient attended a few hours ago and you’re

The Emerging Evidence for a Genetic Susceptibility to Severe Covid-19. St Emlyn’s

A defining feature of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the wide spectrum of clinical presentations, ranging from asymptomatic viremia to life-threatening illness.1 Factors such as advancing age and co-morbid status have been shown to strongly correlate