#stemlynsWILD: The program.

Our provisional program is outlined below. Follow us on twitter for updates and faculty news @stemlyns

The event will start on the Friday night and run through to Sunday evening.


You will arrive on Friday evening to register for the event and for those camping (which we encourage), get settled in. There will be ‘gentle’ social activities on the Friday evening as you will need your strength, alertness and wisdom for the days to come.

In-camp day

The in-camp day is a combination of a small number of all participant lectures, combined with a round robin focused on advanced resuscitation techniques and challenged. Participants will train and work in teams of 8-9 people. We will revive the learning marketplace concept so that you can focus your learning on areas of interest/need.

Zero point survey
The sustainable resuscitationist
Airway workshop
Advanced vascular access workshop
Resus skills challenge
Complex resuscitation scenarios
Participant led tips, tricks and learning stories (you will be asked to bring a 5-6 min presentation on a skill or insight to share with and teach to your group).

Hills day

The hills day will be a clinical, leadership and physical challenge. Your team will complete an 8-10km route around Coniston. During this route your team will be take on a series of leadership and clinical challenges. You will be assessed and receive feedback on your performance as a team. There will be a light hearted and supportive competitive element to the event. We are partnered with a very experienced adventure company in the Lakes who will provide guides and safety oversight for the event.

You will undertake two circuits. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. You will need to be dressed for a day in the hills. Any specialist equipment needed for the tasks will be provided.


The event will finish at approx 1800 on the Sunday. If you wish to stay over camping on the Sunday night just let us know. This should not be a problem.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets will go live on the 27th January 2023. Click the button below to visit our partners at CPDme who are handling ticket sales.

You can learn more about the practical aspects of the event here https://an-turas.co.uk/st-emlyns-wild

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