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JC: Paediatric massive transfusion. St.Emlyn’s

I am lucky enough to work in both paediatric and adult trauma centres in Virchester. I think this is a good mix as really nasty paediatric trauma is rare but adult trauma is not. This

JC: Ocular trauma in blast injuries. St.Emlyn’s

As Mrs C is an Ophthalmologist (with a sub-sub-sub speciality interest in a structure that as far as I can make out you can’t see or feel) it does mean that a rather large number

JC: Do paediatric CT scans cause cancer? St.Emlyn’s

If I think back to my practice a few years ago (as I’m getting older) there is no doubt that the number of CT scans I’ve performed from the ED has increased. In both my

If it ain’t broke… Etomidate for paediatric sedation.

Critical appraisal and review of Etomidate as a drug for procedural sedation in the pediatric emergency department.


Mr Ross Fisher

Mr Ross Fisher MBChB MPhil MSc FRCS RCPS (Paediatric Surgery) Section lead for presentation skills. Editorial Board Member St Emlyn’s Blog and Podcast Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield Chairman, Paediatric Trauma Audit and


St.Emlyn’s goes further north – NEM Conference #NEMC18

It’s the second time I’ve been to the Northern Emergency Medicine conference, this year held in the sunny city of Durham. I say sunny… I needed my jacket. Last year’s programme was great and included

EMSSA Day 2. Co-created conference report with St.Emlyn’s

Supadel (@Go_Supadel): There were great excitement at the Aviator airport hotel this morning as our sponsored delegates (dubbed the Supadels) prepared for transfer to the conference venue.  Over the last few months delegates registering for


Selected international, national and regional presentations from the St.Emlyn’s team.

Natalie May ACEM Annual Scientific Conference (Queenstown, NZ) Social Media in Medical Education (Nov 2016) New South Wales Medical Education and Training Conference (Sydney) Generation Why: Teaching Across a Generation Gap (August 2016) The Teaching


Ross Fisher Videos

Ross Fisher Is Inspiration what you are looking for? #TEDx: Ross Fisher Paediatric trauma is different. #RCEM15: Ross Fisher



The St.Emlyn’s team are lucky enough to speak at some of the biggest conferences in the world of emergency medicine and critical care. Here are a selection of videos from conferences  we’ve spoken at in