Impact Brain Apnoea with Gareth Davies from London HEMS. St.Emlyn’s

impact brain apnoea

I was recently discussing the management of traumatic cardiac arrest with one of my junior colleagues and was surprised to hear that they had not heard of impact brain apnoea as a cause of respiratory and subsequently cardiac arrest. Then I reflected on this and thought that my surprise was rather unfair as I’d not heard about it either before speaking to Gareth Davies and Mark Wilson over the last couple of years, and I suspect that if you had not heard Gareth or Mark speak on the subject then it may not have come to you either.

Impact Brain Apnoea (IBA) occurs as a physiological response to head injury and has been described in many different animal models. It almost certainly happens in humans although it is not currently well described in the medical literature.

Now I know that Mark, Gareth and others have research ongoing in this area and I think we are going to see some exciting publications soon so I will say little more about it

this week as we have a fabulous podcast from the London Trauma Conference where our own Iain Beardsell discusses IBA with Gareth Davies.

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And don’t forget to listen to the other podcasts from the LTC (and there are more on the way soon).

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